Asian Egg Donor Programs: Find Asian Egg Donors Here

<Cute Asian child getting haircutAsian egg donors are difficult find in many parts of the US and abroad. The Washington Post notes that “… As egg donation has surged over the past two decades, clinics and donor recruiting agencies say the supply of ethnic minority donors, especially Asians, has not kept pace with demand.”

If you’re looking to make a family with an Asian egg donor, you may face long waiting lists at your local ivf clinics and egg donation agencies.

The relative shortage of Asian and Asian-American egg donors means that people looking to build their family through IVF with egg donation should consider employing an egg donor agency that specializes in finding Asian donors. To help you get started, I’ve put together a list of egg donor programs below.

Agencies That Specialize in Asian Egg Donors

LA Baby – Based in Los Angeles, Califorinia. According to their web site they “offer one of the nation’s largest Asian egg donor databases.”

Asian Egg Donor – Based in San Francisco, California. According to their web site their database includes “donors of all Asian descent, including full Asian and of mixed background.”

Asian Egg Donation – Based in Brunswick, New Jersey. According to their web site they “specialize in providing an Asian Egg Donor pool by recruiting highly qualified Asian Donors in the East Coast.”

The Donor Source – Based in Seattle, Washington. Their web site they have 30 Asian egg donors in their current pool.

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  1. Sara December 1, 2010 at 2:46 am #

    If you are looking for Asian Egg Donors – Pacific Egg Donors Inc has a very large database of Asian Egg Donors too, but not limited to only Asian egg donors, they have a wide range of different ethnicities too –