Egg Donation

Risks of Having Multiple-Fetus Pregnancies and Multiple-Infant Live Births from ART Cycles Using Fresh Embryos from Donor Eggs

IVF After 45: Success Rates Using Donor Eggs

As women get older, they encounter more fertility problems. Women in their 40s and older have fewer high quality eggs, more problems conceiving children, and a higher risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. Even with IVF (in vitro fertilization) the statistics can be depressing: For women 44 and older, about 3.3 percent of IVF cycles using […]

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Egg Donor Centers in Boston, MA

Over the last year, several readers have emailed me asking how to find egg donor centers in Boston. I’m happy to oblige! (We have a complete list of the fertility clinics and egg donor agencies in Massachusetts too!) Boston, Massachusetts is a city with deep historical roots, beautiful architecture and more universities and colleges than […]

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Egg Donation Success Stories

I’ve been writing articles on this blog for a while now and apart from running some polls, I’ve not heard many readers’ experiences with egg donation. So let’s change that! What’s your egg donation success story? If you’ve successfully used an egg donor to conceive, or you have successfully donated eggs, I’d like to hear […]

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Pregnancy Success Rates Using Donor Eggs

In the United States, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) collects data from fertility clinics on their pregnancy success rates for infertility treatments such as IVF, PCG, and ICSI. In these surveys, the pregnancy success rate is defined as the percentage of a particular treatment that results in a pregnancy and live birth. Recently I […]

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