Reproductive Tourism

Doctor speaking with patient

Fertility Tourism 101

Fertility tourism, or going abroad for fertility treatments, can be daunting for would-be parents. Traveling to foreign countries means having to deal with different cultures, laws, and medical regulations. All this can leave fertility tourists with questions about the safety, efficacy, and cost of seeking fertility treatments abroad. And rightly so. That’s why I’m delighted […]

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Beautiful white sand beach in Thailand

7 Affordable Fertility Clinics in Thailand For IVF

With the prices of IVF skyrocketing in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the UK–especially for people whose insurance doesn’t cover infertility treatments and gestational surrogacy–traveling abroad for medical care (to places like Spain and the Czech Republic) is become an affordable option for many people. How much cheaper, you ask? On average, getting infertility […]

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Prague, Czech Republic

These Czech Republic Fertility Clinics Offer Affordable IVF and Egg Donation

Increasing numbers of Americans dealing with infertility are choosing to travel to fertility clinics abroad to avoid high prices in the US. Popular destinations for international infertility treatments include Spain and Thailand. Another popular destination for IVF holidays in Europe is the Czech Republic, a country that manages to be both old world and new […]

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Caribbean beach

IVF Vacations Abroad Gaining Popularity

As the costs for IVF and similar infertility treatments skyrockets in the US, cash-strapped patients are beginning to look abroad for more affordable medical care. The medical tourism trend has been popular for a while, with people going overseas to countries like Thailand, Italy, Spain, Canada and South Africa for affordable tummy tucks and cheap […]

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