Classifieds Roundup: Egg Donor, Sperm Donor & Surrogate Wanted Ads Abound!

If you’re looking for classified ads for egg donors, sperm donors, or surrogates, you’ve come to the right place.

In this installment of the Classifieds Roundup, I’m highlighting the most interesting ads posted to Fertility Nation Classifieds in the last month.

Egg Donor Wanted Ads

East Indian Egg Donor needed – Active and Healthy East Indian Egg Donor wanted for loving couple. You are 22-32, university educated, no use of drugs, and in greater Toronto area.

Give the Gift of Egg Donation! – Conceptions Center for Ovum Donation is an Egg Donor Agency that works with couples struggling with infertility. We are actively looking for compassionate, healthy, responsible, kind young women who would like to make a difference in the lives of others by enabling them the opportunity to expand their family. Conceptions Center for Ovum Donation works only with physicians/clinics who strictly adhere to ASRM & SART guidelines.

Looking For Egg Donors – Creative Love Egg Donation Agency is a warm, caring egg donation agency located in South Florida. If you are an Intended Parent looking for an Egg Donor or are interested in becoming an Egg Donor, contact us for a level of personal care no other donor agency can offer.

Egg Donor Available Ads and Egg Donor Profiles

Classified AdsYoung Athlete Willing to Donate Eggs – Hello! I’m a 19 year old caucasian female who is interested in helping families experience the miracle of children. I am 5’7″, 125 pounds, and I have slightly curly dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. I played soccer for 13 years, I started when I was 4, and have been studying all types of dance for the last 6 years. I am also very musical; I was trained in classical piano for 14 years, and have been singing my entire life. I am a high school graduate and I’m starting college next semester to become a teacher.

Let Me Help You Start Your Family – Hello, My name is Candace and I couldn’t imagine life without my son and would hate to see anyone not have the opportunity to experience this joy first hand. My physical attributes are as follows: I am 5′ even with long dark brown hair and hazel/green eyes with light freckles. I have 1 son of my own so I’m 100 % fertile. I would be more than happy to answer anyone’s questions so please feel free to contact me.

Sperm Donor Wanted Ads

Couple Seek Sperm Donor in NYC/CT area – Hi, we are a couple seeking a smart, STD free, young caucasian sperm donor. Will pay.

Married Couple Seeking Sperm Donor for Money – Married Couple seeking a Qualified Sperm Donor, must be white, blonde hair, blue eyes, above 6’0 ft, no diseases, for the use of at home IUI, no intercourse.

Sperm Donor Available Ads and Sperm Donor Profiles

Good Sperm Donor Available – Hello, I hope I can help you. I had planned on a family using my semen sample, but that has changed. I would very much like to provide my samples for someone else to use, and would be OK being known to the child at which time you feel is best. I am 6’2″ white, no STD’s or genetic problems. I’m intelligent, athletic, inclined to be balanced with emotions, health, weight and (no) addictions.

White Male With Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, and Full Medical Records Available – I’m interested in assisting women throughout the US to attain their goal of having healthy, happy, beautiful children. I appreciate that the choice of sperm donor is completely at your discretion as is the manner in which you choose to raise the child. I’ll act to help you make the most educated choice possible by providing you all the information you require. I’m drug and disease free and will provide full medical records and family history. I live in Dallas, TX. I’m willing to travel to your location or ship donations via the mail.

Surrogate Mother Wanted Ads

SURROGATE MOTHERS Needed: Help Make a Dream Come True – ARTparenting is seeking healthy moms who are willing to help an infertile couple have a child. Will be paid a generous fee and all expenses. Basic requirements: Healthy lifestyle, age 21 – 40, have had a child. Learn more about becoming a Surrogate Mother.

Surrogate Mother Available Ads and Surrogate Mother Profiles

TS OR GS. I AM EXTREMELY FERTILE! – NJ mom of 2 looking for IPs. Three healthy pregnancies, two of them very recent. I gave a baby up for adoption so I have experience as a birth mother. I also donated my eggs several times so I have been physically, psychologically, & genetically screened. $20,000 base comp + usual expenses/fees. I am ready to start right away!

Experienced Jewish gestational surrogate seeking a Jewish couple to help – I am Jewish by both parents and I meet the halachic (Jewish law) requirements of being a gestational surrogate for a religious Jewish couple. I’ve been thoroughly screened by my previous agency and will gladly release all screening results and medical records for you.

My last surrogacy was for an Orthodox couple and resulted in a normal healthy twin males at 36 weeks, 4 days. Birth weights were 4 lbs, 15 oz and 5 lbs, 2 oz. Neither infant required NICU care. I found this experience to be very gratifying and would like to help another couple. I also understand that some Jewish couples require a Jewish surrogate and that Jewish surrogates are very difficult to find. The couple I worked with is happy to recommend me and to answer any questions.

2 Responses to Classifieds Roundup: Egg Donor, Sperm Donor & Surrogate Wanted Ads Abound!

  1. Jenna and lyndsey October 15, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

    Hi there my name is Jenna and my wife’s name is lyndsey we have been together for 3 years we are very happily married, we now want to start a family together and are looking for a donor that is willing to donate using the ai method only – no sex and are happy just to donate and not to have contact with the child we are not looking to co parent . We are looking for a donor in the Essex area uk but are willing to pay for travel from London and surrounding areas if anyone can help please contact us on my email address thanks x

  2. leeandia December 10, 2012 at 1:51 am #

    good day to you, my name is leeandia and i am a surrogate, i was looking through the site and i saw your post, i felt your desperation, i became a surrogate by choice. My last surrogacy was for an Orthodox couple and resulted in a normal healthy male at 36 weeks, 4 days. Birth weight was 4 lbs, 15 oz .Neither infant required NICU care. I found this experience to be very gratifying and would like to help another couple. I am currently in the USA but i am willing to come to essex if you are willing to pay for half the flight ticket, i’ll raise the other half myself. i am a freelance hence i come relatively cheaper than others. get back to me when you get this. i hope you will find as much joy in raising a child as other couples have.