In His Quest to Stigmatize Gays, FRC’s Tony Perkins Stigmatizes the Infertile

Gary and TonyIn his weekly column, Tony Perkins, the president of the vehemently anti-gay conservative Christian group the Family Research Council, reacted to CNN’s documentary “Gary and Tony Have a Baby”. Perkins described the gay couple who have a child using egg donation and surrogacy this way:

CNN gave homosexual activists the gift of a free hour-long infomercial last night–in the form of a primetime special about homosexual parents called “Gary and Tony Have a Baby.” Actually, it should have been called “Gary and Tony Buy a Baby.” As viewers learned, the two homosexual men first purchase human eggs from an egg donor; use the sperm of one of them for in vitro fertilization; and finally rent the womb of a surrogate to bear the baby. The total cost runs a cool $160,000. The closest that host Soledad O’Brien came to raising an ethical question was to ask why the couple didn’t adopt instead. Not once did they explain why the process involved 14 eggs and two embryos–but only one baby.

Earth to Tony Perkins: The vast majority of egg donations and surrogacy arrangements involve the exchange of money! And most IVF cycles transfer multiple embryos. Describing gay people who use assisted reproduction to build their families as somehow different than heterosexual infertile people, or heterosexual single people, is not only ludicrous, it’s offensive–and offensive to their families.

It’s ironic but not surprising that Perkins would deride gays and lesbians this way, considering that he viscerally hates gay families. However, coming out swinging against ALL people who use fertility treatments is offensive to the entire community. Tony Perkins wants to establish a moral hierarchy with God-fearing Christian heterosexual, fertile families at the top of the hierarchy with infertile, single parent, and gay families at the bottom. Feel free to give FRC a call to let them know how they’ve offended your family; their telephone number is (202) 393-2100.


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