Surrogacy Forums and Message Boards

The other day I was looking around online for information about becoming a surrogate mother, and I was impressed by the information contained in some of the surrogacy forums and message boards, and I realized that a listing of them would be helpful.

Surrogacy forums and message boards

  • – A very interesting web site that is home to multiple messageboards about surrogacy, including “Ask a Gestational Surrogate” and “Ask a Parent via Surrogacy”. A great place to ask questions, get answers, and engage in discussion.
  • – Hosted by The American Surrogacy Center (TASC), this is another surrogacy forum with multiple message boards and lively discussions of infertility issues. A good place to find out about becoming a surrogate mother and surrogacy laws.
  • – A Canadian forum where available surrogates and aspiring parents can meet up.
  • – Lively discussion of all things surrogate, including the ethics and morality of surrogacy, its various pros and cons, its costs, and surrogacy statistics.
  • – Not much about surrogate motherhood, but gotta love their name.

If you know other surrogacy forums and message boards not listed here, let us know in the comments.

One Response to Surrogacy Forums and Message Boards

  1. ashley January 31, 2010 at 2:42 am #

    i would love to become a surrogate what would be the best way to do this like who to contact.