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National Infertility Awareness Week Events

Each year RESOLVE, the national infertility association, sponsors events for National Infertility Awareness Week. This year’s events feature a number of interesting workshops, presentations, and conferences, most of which are free. Here are some of the events I thought were the most interesting: Focusing on FlourishingHosted by RESOLVE of the Bay State7:00PM to 7:30PMKristen Magnacca, […]

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logo of RESOLVE the national infertilty association

What You Should Know About RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association

RESOLVE is a non-profit organization that provides support, education, and political advocacy for people living with infertility, a medical condition which affects 1 in 8 American adults. RESOLVE offers support for people with infertility in numerous ways. Volunteers on their telephone help line answer questions and provide support for people coping with infertility. Across the […]

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Surrogacy Forums and Message Boards

The other day I was looking around online for information about becoming a surrogate mother, and I was impressed by the information contained in some of the surrogacy forums and message boards, and I realized that a listing of them would be helpful. Surrogacy forums and message boards – A very interesting web site […]

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Infertility Message Boards and Forums

I get a lot of emails asking if I can help people find a message board or forum about some aspect of infertility, so I thought I would compile a list of popular message boards and forums for the infertility community. The following places are terrific community resources where you can ask questions, get answers, […]

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